Milcross Medtech signs agreement for Freja & Poseidon

Robotics Care initiates marketing and sales collaboration with Milcross Medtech.

Milcross Medtech focuses on unique patented technical solutions in Assistive Health Tech and Medtech, and will initially market and sell Freja & Poseidon in Sweden and Finland.

Agreement with Roux Healthcare on Distribution and Installation of Freja & Poseidon

Robotics Care initiates distribution and installation collaboration with Roux Healthcare.

Roux Healthcare delivers everything from certified maintenance of advanced medical technology to renovation and repair of, for example, hospital beds and wheelchairs. Roux Healthcare also supports public and private healthcare suppliers with both purchasing and logistics, as well as financing through rent or leasing. Roux Healthcare will primarily work with assembly, installation, service and maintenance of Poseidon and Freja.

ACT Medical signs Agent Agreement for Freja & Poseidon

Robotics Care initiates marketing and sales collaboration with ACT Medical. ACT Medical offers medical aids to those who work with and are responsible for the care of people with disabilities and elderly care.

ACT Medical has previously resold medical aids in, among other things, chair relocation, recovery assistance, meal assistance and transport aids, and will now also resell Poseidon and Freja.

Freja Press Release - Brussels

The idea behind FREJA is to help the disabled take care of their personal hygiene under safe conditions. The solution is aimed at users suffering from partial mobility due to neurological damage or merely through old age.

The FREJA hygiene robot makes showering a positive experience. A private moment to look forward to and a boost for personal dignity and quality of life. The ergonomically designed seat is controlled using advanced software, sensors and motors. The seat is extended and lowered sufficiently to allow the user to sit comfortably. The seat cushion is in two parts and the comfortable backrest is high enough to provide support and great comfort. The footrest is designed to allow walkers and wheelchairs to get close. The seat is lifted into the shower space with a gentle, controlled movement without either users or care staff having to step on a wet, slippery floor. In practice, FREJA contributes to a substantially lower risk of difficult slip and fall accidents in bathrooms and showers.

Read more in the press release



Måsta Äng's academic care and nursing home is investing in version 2 of Poseidon

Måsta Äng is one of Sweden's most progressive care homes. A meeting place for residents, relatives, staff, students, teachers, researchers, the elderly and innovators in the field of elderly care. Måsta provides conditions for competence increase, co-production and quality development in both care and nursing activities, as well as in work-based education (VFU).

Viktor Hård, Area Manager for Care and Nursing Homes in Eskilstuna Municipality, highlights the importance of New Welfare Technology. There are great hopes on Poseidon version 2 on Måsta Äng, according to Viktor. The new version of Poseidon has the potential to solve several problems simultaneously in a shower situation both for the user and for caregivers. This is a prerequisite for welfare technology to function satisfactorily.

The Swedish Public Radio: It felt wet and safe

Unique shower was inaugurated at Resurscentrum by Marléne Lund Kopparklint (M), chairman of the care and welfare committee in Karlstad.

– It is about facilitating people's everyday lives and preserving their integrity. You can choose this as an alternative, because it is a very intimate situation to get help with showering and if you can then show that this exists, I think this will be great for our customers, she says.

Listen and read SR's entire interview with Marléne Lund Kopparklint (M), chairman of the care and welfare committee.